Heirloom Framing

Needlework with special matting

Rhinestone Pens as Christmas Tree

Rhinestone Pens as Christmas Tree

Family Heirlooms are appreciated more when they are taken out of  storage and displayed where others can share what would have been hidden.   Items found in drawers or boxes and placed on display in a frame and placed on the wall becoming your family’s TREASURES. Come by Masters House Art and Frame and let us suggest unique ways to display your family’s  heirlooms. Just a few of the things we have  framed are military items, pocket watches, baby clothes, signed jerseys, deer antlers, first edition books, guns, and so much more.  Archival matting and museum-quality glass selections are available to protect your heirloom from fading over time. Bring your families treasures and lets make something so special for your family heirlooms.

Wedding Needlework with Photo

Three Generation of Men’s Ties with Photos

Event Pens, Collectables

JFK Autograph

Autographed Event Tickets